At St George's, our vision is to Share Life and Love Leeds.
Our women's ministry aims to support the women of our church in both of these; by creating social events that we can invite friends to and share life with one another, as well as organising faith-building events, like our testimony afternoons; to encourage us to go out and love Leeds in Jesus' name.





30 May - 1 June 19 | Leeds First Direct Arena, LS2 8BY

How do you catch your breath when you feel breathless? Where do you go when you are running out of air, running wild, running on empty? How do you learn to breathe again? Inhaling life, exhaling truth, finding the breath to bring dry bones to life, refuelling the should and invigorating the mind.

Run to the breath that has the power to awaken dormant dreams and lift the weariest of hearts. It’s His breath in our lungs that gives us our very life. His breath changes everything and can permeate all things. So go ahead and breathe Him in and learn to breathe again.

Join us for next year's Cherish Conference. 


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