We think playing sport together is a great way to sharing life and getting to know one another better. We invite you to join our church members, of all ages and sizes, to socialize through sport through the week. Opportunities include meeting to play football for men and women. St George’s Church Cricket Club play friendly non-league matches during the summer, and welcome you to join in the game or for a BBQ at the club house!

Do get in touch with us to find out more info and come along, we would love to get to know you.


Although St George’s doesn't organise and football directly, members of the church play at specific times during the week.

Mondays (all year, except bank holidays) | 9pm - 10:30pm | Thomas Danby College (on astro turf).


We practice through the winter in Tadcaster or Headingley on Friday evenings 6 - 8pm, then play through the summer at Harewood House.

40 Overs/side | Saturdays and occasional Sundays | 2pm - 7pm | April - September
20 Overs/side | Tuesdays or Wednesdays | 6pm - 8.30pm | May - August

Kit | White trousers, shirt, socks, sweater, white shoes with studs or trainers. Pads, bat and gloves provided from team kit.


Find out more

Email for more info on any of our sport activities and Lisa will put you in touch with the group leaders.