Our vision is to glorify God, serve the church and raise up leaders.
— StG's Worship Ministry

The St George’s Worship Ministry exists to facilitate individual and the corporate worship life of the church.

We serve the adult congregation through Sunday gatherings, through Networks and special events. We run a kids band and youth band as well as mentoring to serve the younger congregation of our church. We also serve the wider community through Alpha, city wide events and national events.

We invite all those with gifts in music, singing, sound technology and IT to get involved in this diverse and vibrant team. There are lots of ways to join in with our choir, bands and working behind the scenes too on PA or projection. Members are asked to commit to spiritual development, practical development and team development.

Please download our Guide to Getting Involved to find out more about serving in the StG's Worship Ministry.

We hope to see God building relationships within our team and to be challenged in developing spiritually and musically.

Find out more

Get in touch with Dan for any more information dan.hebden@stgeorgesleeds.org.uk

If you would like to get involved download an application form here.