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Thank you for everything you contribute to the mission of St George’s, including your thoughtful and prayerful financial giving. This letter is designed to give you a clear picture of where we’re headed as a church and the part you can play.

At the start of 2016 we are asking everyone:

  • To get involved and join in with Our Vision for 2016.
  • To review giving, as it is good to think and pray about this each year.
  • To prayerfully consider tithing, giving 10% of everything God gives you to extend his Kingdom

Our Vision is Sharing Life, Loving Leeds. Sharing the Life of Jesus together in our Small Groups, Networks and teams. Loving Leeds by making Jesus known.


This year we want to explain what God has called us to at St George’s in four distinctive ways. We will:

Preach Jesus: Through high quality invitational services and events

Make Disciples: Through teaching the Bible in Small Groups. Networks and Courses

Serve the City: Through outreach to all walks of life; those in need, children, youth, students and adults

Send out Leaders: With teams to revitalise and grow the church across Leeds

In 2016, we want to invest in the growth and vision of Sharing Life and Loving Leeds:

  • We are restructuring our children and youth work. Lottie Jones will be overseeing this area in a new role as Children and Youth Pastor. We have already appointed a Children’s Worker in a trainee role and are seeking to appoint a Youth Worker in training as well as a Pastor for our 0-6s and families.
  • We are appointing a new Associate Rector to oversee the 18:30 Service, developing disciples in this demographic and contributing to the ministry and life of the church.
  • We want to continue exploring possibilities to renew and revitalise the church across Leeds, working with the Diocese, alongside other churches like Wrangthorn, and exploring future possibilities of Church Planting and mission.

To sustain and grow this requires financial resources. If you want to know more of the financial details, please read my longer letter.

This vision requires each of us to play our part: in prayer, in service and in giving. As we live this out, God will encourage and bless us as well as stretch and challenge us.

On Sunday 7th February, we will be having our Annual Gift Day when we will come forward and offer our gifts to God. We hope that in the lead up to this day you will prayerfully consider your giving. Some of us will give an extra one-off lump sum and we hope that many of you will start or increase your giving by monthly standing order.

With many thanks and much joy for our partnership together in the good news of Jesus Christ. What a privilege it is to be serving God together as we Preach Jesus, Make Disciples, Serve the City and Send out Leaders!


Jonathan Clark


Thinking it Through

The following are some steps to help you think through this letter.

Read and Reflect: Talk to someone else about it such as a friend, spouse or Small Group.

Pray and Listen: What do you feel God is saying about the vision of St George's and about your response? Spend some time in prayer and listening to God.

Your Finances: What proportion are you currently giving? What would 10% of your income be? How much do you feel you should give to St George's



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