It's God's Business

James and Davina BlandfordWhat has business got to do with sharing Christ’s gospel? James and Davina from St George’s spent two weeks in East Asia to learn about how business is being used to bring the gospel to places where there is no established church. “Mission” can often mean building, healthcare or education projects but business too can be used as a transformational tool in communities across the world.

“We were very impressed with the team we visited who had learned the language and changed their lives to be culturally relevant.  They are respected and successful in their community running what is, in effect, a social enterprise – or spiritual enterprise,” James

Starting up and running a successful business is very challenging and even more so when you’re doing it in a foreign culture with foreign rules and ways of working. But the rewards for sharing the gospel are profound. How better to disciple someone than to work alongside them every day? And how better to share your life with someone else than to work together in a business that provides for both of your livelihoods?

James and Davina really enjoyed using their professional skills to help the business they visited and to be part of the team for the short time they were away.

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