Meet the Interns: Tom

tom merrettTom Merrett: International Outreach Intern Tell us a bit about yourself... a follower of Jesus, fiancé of Jenni, son of 2 wonderful, loving parents, brother of 7 siblings, and now an intern at St George’s. I graduated in the summer 2013 from the University of Birmingham, where I studied French, Spanish and Arabic.

How do you know Jesus? I’ve been to church with my family all my life, but when I was around the age of 16 I felt the peace of God after praying and confessing with others at Church.  As we were saying the creed one time, I realised that I believed what we were saying, although it wasn’t until I went to university and got involved with the Christian Union and Church that I really understood the gospel and what it means to follow Jesus

What is your role at StG's? The main areas of focus of my internship with the Church this year are ministry to international students, serving the Leeds Arabic Christian Fellowship and helping to build relationships between Church members and Muslim neighbours, friends, and members of local mosques.

Where have you seen God working? It's still early days, but the Arabic Fellowship hosted a lunch recently, followed by a talk, which was attended by over 50 people, including several people of other faiths.

What do you hope for this year? Personally, I’d love to be more sensitive to hearing from God,  prepare for marrying Jenni in the summer and grow more confident in talking to groups of people. I’d also love to see people come to know Jesus and grow in their faith - which requires me to get to know them in the first place! I would love to help members of St George’s build relationships with Muslims, and the Church helping to build those relationships years from now.

How can StG's pray for you? I would love to be more sensitive to God, to hear more from Him. Please also join with me in praying that we might serve international students well, that they will come to faith and grow in their faith while they’re with us in Leeds, then serve Christ powerfully in their home countries. Please also pray for God’s guidance as I seek to build relationships between Church members and Muslims.

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