We have Networks drawing people from the older generations, many of whom who have 'extra time' to devote to the service of the St George's Church family. We provide opportunities to interact socially as well as spiritually including monthly coffee mornings, theatre trips and a monthly communion with a talk followed by lunch. We are seeking to use this stage of our lives to share fellowship and to reach out to others with whom we want to demonstrate and share our faith. 

Extra Time Network

We seek to connect those over 50+ by providing opportunities for social activities, weekends away, and events to which the wider church and our friends and neighbours can be invited.

Leaders: Kath Sailes, Andy Hoye and Brian Boothroyd

Where: We gather all over Leeds for various events throughout the term.

(Formerly Wednesday Fellowship)


A monthly gathering for all those over 60 to enjoy a meal together, hear a talk and share the joys and challenges of life together.

When: Every 3rd Wednesday of the month. 12noon, followed by lunch, 1-2pm.

Where: St George's Church Centre. Click here to view on a map.