The Marriage Preparation Course is for engaged couples who are looking to get married in the next 12 months or so. It is a two day course that will deepen your relationship and allow you to build really good foundations for your married life together.

It covers topics including: 
• Communication
• Commitment
• Resolving conflict
• Keeping love alive
• Shared values

While based on Christian principles, it is relevant and helpful for any engaged couple with or without a Christian faith or church background. 
There is no group discussion, only discussions as a couple, and there is no requirement to disclose anything about your relationship to anyone else. Privacy is respected, but there is always the chance to discuss issues with a married 'support couple' if you wish. 
The course includes breakfast, refreshments and lunch.  During the session, a DVD on one of the above topics is shown and then there are several opportunities to spend time as couple to discuss what you have viewed. There is a suggested donation of £25 per couple to cover the food and materials for the whole course, but please don't let cost put you off doing the course. 

The next Marriage Preparation Course will be held on Saturday 27 January and Saturday 10 February 2018, 

Debbie and Nigel did the marriage course over 4 years ago and share with us their experiences.

The Marriage Course

The Marriage Course is designed for married couples wishing to build a strong and lasting relationship. Over 7 sessions you and your spouse will enjoy a meal together, listen to a short talk and have plenty time to discuss a variety of topics to help build strong and lasting foundations for your marriage.

Topics include:

  • Understanding each other’s needs
  • Communicating more effectively
  • Growing closer through resolving conflict
  • Improving relationships with parents and in-laws
  • Developing greater sexual intimacy
  • Having fun together

Each couple's privacy is respected as there is no group discussion and no requirement to disclose anything about their relationship to anyone else. The course, while based on Christian principles, is very helpful for couples married for two years or more with or without a Christian faith or church background. 

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