Matthew 28:1-10 | The Greatest Day

They had seen him, they knew he was dead.

And yet, here he was, alive and well as he turned to them and said


In person and word bringing peace.

So in worship they fell at his feet.

Death is beaten. He has risen. Jesus is Alive.

What makes you feel alive again?

May you find New Life in Him. Happy Easter.


The Greatest Silence

Saturday. Silence. Slow...

So achingly angering steadiness of the most rest-less sabbath they had ever known.

No quirky questions today. Just God the Son, dead. Buried in the grave.

So let the silence speak.

And wait...


Matthew 27:11-66 | The Greatest Sacrifice

Nothing compares to this. God the Son, become man, now hanging on a tree. Earthquake. Solar eclipse. The curtain torn in two. A centurion slowly removing his helmet as suddenly the haunting realisation dawns and he’s filled with awe... ‘Truly this was the Son of God’.

What would you die for? Seriously?

Jesus died. For you and for me.

Matthew 26:17-30 | The Greatest Feast

The timing of the events of Holy Week are no accident. There’s deep, rich significance to the fact it was Passover time. One of the greatest festivals, with the Greatest Feast, to symbolise the freedom of all God’s chosen people. That night they remembered the lambs that were slain to ensure God’s people walked free from ancient slavery. The next day Jesus would be The Lamb that was slain to make a way for the whole broken world to be free.

What’s the greatest banquet you’ve ever been to? Remember it’s all just a foreshadow of the Greatest Feast that we’ll eat when the Kingdom fully comes.


Matthew 26:14-16 | The Greatest Betrayal

Judas lets his eyes drop. His focus shifts- no longer upwards, but inwards. His emphasis has perhaps long since moved from what he can give to what he can gain.

It’s sometimes said that the root of all sin is selfishness. When we seek to sit ourselves on the throne, it all comes undone.

So today, right now, what does it look like to dethrone yourself? What action outworks the principle ‘we live to give, not to get’?

Matthew 26:6-13 | The Greatest Fragrance

We hate waste, and so we should. Yet, in this passage, Jesus’ flabbergasted followers are told to swallow their indignation as a woman ‘wastes’ some super-expensive perfume by pouring it all over him. Why?

Jesus loves this wacky action because the heart behind it is worship. Nothing spent on God is ever wasted.

What might it look like to ‘waste’ your time and talents on worship this Easter?


Matthew 22:34-40 | The Greatest Commandment

This is it, the moment where centuries of scripture, tradition and commentary get boiled down to two sentences. Jesus sums it all up. Love God with everything you’ve got. Love others like you’d want to be loved. Everything else hangs on that.

Have you ever had a long list of instructions that could be summed up in one sentence?

Matthew 21:1-11 | The Greatest Entrance
This was the Greatest Entrance, yet it must have looked ridiculous. A donkey is significantly smaller than a horse, and a colt isn’t even a full-size donkey. This would have been like a fully grown adult riding in on a children’s bike with stabilisers!

And yet, in deliberately fulfilling ancient prophecies, Jesus makes a clear claim to royalty. The crowd get the hint and shout out chants with regal themes.

This was the Greatest Entrance... precisely because it wasn’t. Jesus was coming as King alright, but this kingdom would turn all expectations entirely upside down.

What’s the greatest, or most comedy, entrance to an event you’ve ever witnessed?