Getting baptised in water is the start of an amazing journey of faith in Jesus Christ and a special day for family, friends and the church.

We do Baptisms for children of Christians and provide a Thanksgiving service for parents who choose to leave Baptism until their children ask for it. 

We regularly hold Baptism services through the year for older children, youth and adults. These give the opportunity to hear the story of how candidates came to faith before being baptised in our pool, either by immersion or by being sprinkled with water.

Baptism services are great celebrations as we welcome people into life in Christ becoming a part of the church.

If you were baptised as a baby you can renew your vows, by declaring your faith at one of our Baptism services too.

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Contact a member of clergy, by speaking with them on a Sunday or through our office, using the details below, to find out more about Baptism. | 01132438498