Stand as One

Dear Church Family,

A huge thank you for everything you contribute to the life and mission of St George’s Church, including your prayerfulness and considered financial giving. This page gives a short summary of what we do and who we are at St George’s and will also give a picture of where we are headed as a church and how you can play your part.

The last year has involved significant transition as we have said goodbye to Jonathan Clark, our Rector; to Joanna Seabourne, Associate Rector, on maternity leave; and to Chris Sayburn, Ordinand and long-standing Pastor, who has moved on to
his curacy.

As we go on in 2017 we are asking everyone to ‘Stand as One’. 

  • To be united and involved in living out Our Vision.
  • To be praying as we seek to appoint a new Rector.
  • For each of us to review our giving, as it is important to think and pray about this each year.
  • To prayerfully consider tithing, giving 10% of what God gives you to extend his Kingdom.

Our Vision

Our Vision is Sharing Life, Loving Leeds. Sharing the Life of Jesus together in our Small Groups, Networks and teams. Loving Leeds by making Jesus known. We do this in 4 Ways:

 Preach Jesus

Through our everyday lives, high quality invitational services and events

Make Disciples

Through teaching the Bible in Small Groups. Networks and Courses

 Serve the City

Through outreach to all walks of life; those in need, children, youth, students and adults

Send out Leaders

With teams to revitalise and grow the church across Leeds

Our Vision is Sharing Life, Loving Leeds. But how do we do this? In four ways. Find out more at


In 2017, we want to invest and grow in this Vision.

  • We will be appointing a new Rector who will lead St George’s into the future.
  • We will be sending out a team in late 2017/early 2018 to renew and revitalise a church in Leeds. We are currently working with the Diocese on the details of this and hope to announce the plans in the near future.
  • We will be continuing our mission and ministry; seeing people come to faith in Jesus and being baptised; seeing the growth of our 10:30 and 18:30 services in worship, faith,  and number; seeing people restored from addiction, brokenness and illness; seeing Networks and Small Groups building one another up and reaching out in mission.

This vision requires us to ‘Stand as One’: in prayer, in service and in our financial giving. As we join together in the life that God has for us, we know this will involve risks but these lead us into the fullness of
life that God generously gives us.

This year, Sunday 5th February is our Annual Gift Day when we come forward and offer our gifts to God. We hope that in the lead up to this day you will be prayerfully considering your giving. Some will give an extra one-off lump sum and we hope that many will start or increase their giving by monthly standing order. 

A longer letter from the Treasurer and Church Wardens is available to download here and this contains greater financial details which you may find helpful as you pray through your response. 

With many thanks and hope for the future as we go through this time of transition in leadership, continuing with Our Vision as a church, united by Jesus. It is a joy and a privilege to be serving with you as we  ‘Stand as One’  in Jesus Christ.

Thinking it Through

The following are some steps to help you think through this letter.

Read and Reflect: Talk to someone else about it, such as a friend, spouse or Small Group.

Pray and Listen: What do you feel God is saying about the vision of St George's and about your response? Spend some time in prayer and listening to God.

Your Finances: What proportion are you currently giving? What would 10% of your income be? How much do you feel you should give to St George's

How to Give

Give today by using the link below:

Or to set up or increase a regular Standing Order please download the form below:

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